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Zoë Klinck is a freelance art director and production designer based in London. After gaining a First Class degree in Theatre: Design for Performance from Wimbledon College of Art, she began working as a designer across theatre, interiors and events. 


It was Zoë's love of photography and moving image, which she had nurtured from a young age, that led her to explore a career in the art department. Whilst assisting production designers such as Jospeh Bennett and Lucie Red, she quickly found that she thrived in this environment. She has been designing commercials, promos, stills and short films ever since. 

Zoë also works as a painter and printmaker, and feels that this creative process feeds into all her work, allowing her a heightened sense of colour, texture and composition.  

Represented by Vision Artists​

+44 (0) 207 439 4657 / /

Personal Contact:

+(44) 07855 161 326


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